Holiday and depression

As we enter the holiday season, I was trained that depression often runs high, but it was today that I got a message saying a dear colleague took his life a few days ago. He worked around many mental health professionals and was greatly admired.

While I don’t know his story, please let it serve as a reminder that we are all susceptible to the highs and lows of life. We all need to watch out for those who have been struggling. Call those who have had a rough year. Better to say “hi” and give them a few minutes than to miss an opportunity.

Many see this time as hopeful only later to realize it isn’t. For some it is a reminder of what they don’t have. Others simply have no energy to face all those with such good cheer.

As for my friend, he will be greatly missed and I can only hope that all the professionals that worked with him can be there for his family.

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