Insurance Plans

When considering use of insurances should you decide to see a therapist on your insurance plan or submit claims to your insurance, this gives your insurance company the right to view your records at any time.  Additionally, Insurance companies require a mental health diagnosis to be documented to reimburse for services.

Dimensions Family Therapy does not file insurance claim forms at this time, and we are not Medicare providers.  Adjunctive services may be handled differently.  Please see your therapist for additional information.

If you are considering using your insurance company for reimbursement, you should discuss this option at your first visit with us.  However, you will be responsible for paying for each visit, each time, including the first visit.  We will provide invoices and insurance reports in order for you to be reimbursed directly from your insurance.  We also take most credit/debit cards, so you can use your flexible spending accounts.

If you have further questions on how this works, please contact us.