Grieving over Holidays

My topic this Saturday with Scott on 840WHAS was grief and children at this time of the year.

Divorce, death and even moving can lead to children experiencing loss. However I have find that while these can be traumatic events. children and resilient! Often it is the parents we need to support.

For all of these make sure you provide some consistency and depending on the child you might want to start a new tradition. I would suggest having a developmentally appropriate conversation and find out their wishes.

Give them a few extra minutes after the “Happy Holidays” greeting and let them know you support them. They might not/most likely won’t pour out their hearts. They will hear your support.

Parents of divorced children. The best gift you can give this year and every year: Don’t talk bad about your ex. Be grateful! If they are part of your child’s life, then be excited for the gift; even if it is better than yours. If they aren’t part of your child’s life, talking about how bad they are won’t help. Change the topic, find something nice to say without being over the top. And remind all the other family members to do the same.

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