We offer a variety of services including the following:

♦  Individual Counseling

♦  Family Therapy

♦  Couples Counseling

♦  Mental Health/Educational Assessment

♦  Consultation

♦  Academic Tutoring Services

♦  Other Adjunctive Services

When we work with people, unfortunately, there are no guarantees, and there are potential risks.  Risks may include experiencing uncomfortable levels of feelings like sadness, anxiety, anger, frustration, etc., and people may recall unpleasant aspects of their personal history.  People also sometimes report feeling worse before feeling better.

At any time during our work together, you have the right to decide to end treatment, and there is no moral, legal, or financial obligation other than to pay for the services already rendered. If you are thinking about ending therapy, we encourage you to discuss this with us, and if you wish, we will be glad to provide you with the names of other mental health providers.